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Bird ringing/banding is the process whereby registered ringers permanently mark wild birds to study their lifecycles (births, deaths, age of breeding and survival rates), habits, populations and movements. To do this metal rings (marked with unique numbers) are attached to the bird for future identification.

We at SAFRING administer all bird ringing within Southern Africa, supplying rings, ringing equipment and services to volunteer and professional ringers. SAFRING curates all the southern African ringing records on site and maintains a close relationship between all other ringing schemes.

We encourage everyone to actively take part in sighting and reporting all ringed birds to us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Jackal Buzzard

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Dullstroom Birds of Prey Rehab Centre

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It's Our 69th Birthday

Dane Paijmans (2017-08-01)

Caitlin Smith

2.6 million records and 69 years in, and we are still going strong.  From our humble beginnings on August 1st, 1948, when a Cape Vulture chick (Ring: C00086) was ringed at Kransberg in the Transvaal, we have grown and expanded into what we are today. 

If you would like to wish us a Happy Birthday and send us a gift; please click on our Donate Link and make a donation to the Stephen Piper Trust and ensure the long-term survival of SAFRING.

We at SAFRING really appreciate the ongoing effort of all the ringers and the general public (for reporting resightings/recoveries), and would like to thank everyone that has taken part in ringing and resighting in Southern Africa over the last 69 years.

A Big Thank You To Everyone

who has helped make us

what we are today

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Dane Paijmans

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